Grand Theft Auto V Is set within the fictional state of San Andreas, based on Southern California, the game’s single-player story follows three criminals and their efforts to execute a number of heists while under pressure from a government agency. The game’s use of open world design allows the player to freely roam the state’s countryside and the city of Los Santos, based on Los Angeles.

The game is played from a third-person perspective and allows the player to navigate the world on-foot or by utilising a number of vehicles. Off-mission, the player is free to interact with the game world at their leisure, however illegal actions may incite a response from the game’s law enforcement agencies. Throughout the game, the player simultaneously controls the three lead protagonists, switching between them both during and outside of missions. The story is framed by the heist sequences, and many of the missions make use of shooting and driving gameplay. The game’s online multiplayer mode allows up to 16 players to roam the open world, and engage in co-operative and competitive game matches.


Grand Theft Auto Online launched on 1 October 2013, two weeks after the release of Grand Theft Auto V. Upon launch, users reported difficulties connecting to the game’s servers and the Social Club service, or freezes during load screens for early missions. A technical patch was released on 5 October for consoles in order to resolve the issues. The microtransaction system, which allows players to purchase game content using real money, was also suspended as a fail-safe. Problems persisted during the second week of launch, as some players reported progress for their characters disappearing. A technical patch was released on 10 October combating the issues, with advice administered to players experiencing the issues to not create their multiplayer avatars again. As compensation to players for the technical issues, a stimulus of GTA$500,000, an in-game currency, was funded to the accounts of all players connected to the mode since launch.




Consensus among many critics was that Grand Theft Auto V was one of the best games of the seventh generation era of video game consoles, and a great closing title before the emergence of the eighth generation era.


Titan Fall

In Titanfall, players compete in six-on-six online multiplayer-only matches set on a war-torn planet, playing as mech-style Titans and their pilots. The game’s action is fast-paced: as pilots, players can run along walls and link jumps together parkour-style, as well as employ special abilities such as cloaking; as Titans, players are equipped with more destructive armaments and special protective shields. Several gameplay elements were designed to increase the game’s accessibility, such as a locking pistol, the supplementing of each team with weak AI bots for easier kills, and temporary power-ups. Continue reading